Benefits of prototypal inheritance over classical

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javascript - Benefits of prototypal inheritance over classical? - Stack OverflowJavaScript has prototypal inheritance as opposed to classical inheritance in for example Java

It's basically just objects delegating tasks to other objects.

  1. Create a brand new object ( ​var foo = {}​ )
  2. Clone this object and extend it. The cloned object will delegate to its prototype (​foo​). ​var bar = Object.create(foo)

The advantages of prototypal inheritance

The pattern is simple 

(see the first two steps above). As opposed to in classical inheritance:

  1. Classes
  2. Object
  3. Interfaces
  4. Abstract Classes
  5. Final Classes
  6. Virtual Base Classes
  7. Constructors
  8. Destructors

It's powerful

  • You can inherit from multiple prototypes
  • Can extend your object (even if it's not called true inheritance) 
  • Can pick what you want to inherit or not

Less redundant

  • Argues that since JavaScript is not statically typed is less verbose
  • Multiple inheritance 


You can new properties to prototypes after they are created. You can add new methods to a prototype which will be available to all the objects that delegate to it.
In classical inheritance it is not possible because you cannot modify at runtime a class once it's created