How to Use The HTML5 Sectioning Elements by Matt West

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How to Use The HTML5 Sectioning Elements - Treehouse Blog

The ​main​ element

Should appear only once and have unique content in your page. Elements that appear on several pages, e.g. navigation, logo should not appear there.

The ​article​ element

A self-contained content, that can be taken out of the page context and distributed on other sites, etc.
Possible to nest one ​article​ element inside another

The ​section​ element

A group of related content. Similar to ​article​ but doesn't have to make sense when taken out of the context of parent page.
You can use ​h1​ ​h2​ etc inside. Can be used inside ​article​.

The ​nav​ element

Collection of links, table of contents.

The ​aside​ element

Tangibly related to the surrounding content. Examples: pull quotes, figures, sidebars

The ​header​ element

Introductory content to an article or web page. Not just the title, but metadata (date, author).

The ​footer​ element

Represent information about the section, e.g. author, copyright info, links to related web pages

The ​address​ element

Not for postal address, but email and website