Node With Docker - Continuous Integration and Delivery

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Node JS backend
Node With Docker - Continuous Integration and DeliveryDocker hub, circle ci, tutm Also check

To set up a local environment, build a docker image (container), use Docker Compose to connect different containers
  1. Install, run Docker
  2. use this repo: mjhea0/node-docker-workflow
  3. start docker Machine (virtualbox Machine)
  4. Set up Docker Compose (I think it's for connecting the Redis Docker)

Continuous Integration

Docker Hub
push to your GitHub repo and starts a new automated build
Builds an image from a dockerfile and runs the tests. Cinfogured with a circle.yml file (machine, dependencies, test params(mocha, cd app)


deploying to Digital Ocean
  1. Clone, the repo
  2. Install Docker compose
  3. run the app (​docker-compose up -d​)

Continous Delivery

Uses Tutum