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» Seriously, Don’t Use Icon Fonts Cloud Four BlogAgainst icon fonts:
  • screen readers (read the text inserted via css)
  • dyslexic-helper plugins replace the icons as well
  • can clash with Unicode emoji characters (emoji overrides your character)
  • brittle (can fail often, fallback is difficult - bootstrap is removing them in next version)
  • opera mini doesn't support ​@font-face​ at all
  • clash with browsers optimize legibility optimisations
  • multicolor is very complicated 
  • hard to get it right (read: Bulletproof Accessible Icon Fonts )
For SVG icons:
  • possible to combine into sprites like icon fonts
  • when run through optimisers and gzip the size is acceptable
  • markup can be simplified (for inserting your icon)
  • browser support is at 96% (November 2015), higher than ​@font-face​