The difference between good and great engineers

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Original article: The difference between good and great engineers

I loved this article. It's a great reminder of what a company is really looking for when assessing candidates for engineering positions. This is a holistic look at qualities they look for beyond the technical knowledge of programming languages and libraris.

1. Simplifying

Great engineers always look for how to make the code simpler to read and manage. It's about helping other users of your code understand your intentions.

2. Great debuggers

They know how to narrow down to the root cause of the problem and fix the bug there.

3. Mentoring

They are people that everyone wants to work with, because they invest in the team.

4. Know what's important/valuable

They always try to focus on what would bring the biggest value to product/company. They focus on "big valuable problems". It also means being efficient in communication.

5. Creative and positive

Have a positive attitude towards challanges.

More details at the original article.