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Use the github repo icons
Github Octicons -> it's a font and they've put it on npm
​$ npm i --save octicons​ to use
and just import it as we did with the css in app.js 
  // ****     app.js      ****
import ...
// ++++ 1. import the icons
import icons from 'octicons/octicons/octicons.css'
// webpack is great for this
// it will resolve the paths inside octincons.css = app

    init () { = new Me()
        this.router = new Router();

In build webpack parsed octicons.css and included these assets into the output.
Explains why it's great for caching.
If it's smaller than a certain size, it will inline as data-url.
Now we just need to add appropriate classes
  // ****     pages/repos.js      ****
import React form 'react'
import ampersandMixin from 'ampersan-react-mixin'

export default React.createClass({
    mixins: ampersandMixin,
    render () {
        const {repos} = this.props
        return (
                    { repo => 
                        // ++++ 1. add the className (css class)
                        (<li key={}><span className="octicon octicon-repo"> </span><a href="">{repo.full_name}</a></li>)