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JavaScript Fundamentals DOM Webpack libraries


@import 'yeticss'​ 
it's like require for css 
it's standard css import, but with webpack it packages it into one minified css file

html5 routes

when you instantiate your route you can add ​pushState:false​ :
​this.router = new Router({pushState: false})​ 

routing client or server side?

the server always serves the same html, it's all client-side routing.

web server

you can use any server, just have to set up a range of urls to reply with the same index file

ES6 function properties

​var obj = {
  render: function () {},
  render () {}
​both are the same
Babel names the functions

Case sensitivity

you have to do it yourself (tolowercase)

putting jsx into a separate file

you can do it, but Henrik strongly recommends against it