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Fetch a list repos and render them

The repos will be stored in a collection. Creates two files in dir models. repo.js and repocollection.js
  // ****     repo.js    ****
import Model from 'ampersand-model'

export default Model.extend({
    props: {
        id: 'number',
        name: 'string',
        full_name: 'string'
Checks the API on to see what we get back.
He's using id, name, full_name (see above)
Then creates the repocollection. Collection is an observable array of "stuff".
  // ****     repo-collection.js      ****
import Colleciton from 'ampersand-rest-collection'
// (slighlty different from Backbone )
// extends a normal collection
import Repo from './repo'

export default Collection.extend({
    url: '', // (from the github api docs)
    model: Repo, // see explanation below
Above is a restful collection, an extension of the normal collection. Rest collection extends collection with some networking related methods. 
Notice above: ​model: Repo​ -> It turns any plain object into a model (if not already one)
We want to fetch, but we also have to give the authorisation header. We already did this in the me model (me.js). We're going to pull it out for a general method.
Creates models/helpers 
A folder for generic components. If they are generic enough you can put on npm.
In models/helpers creates github-mixins.js 
  // ++++ 0. create the file
// ****     models/helpers/github-mixins.js        ****
import app from 'ampersand-app'

export default {
//++++ 1. cut and paste from me.js
    ajaxConfig () {
        return {
            headers: {
                // ++++ 2. token will be on app
                Authorization: 'token' +
Add this mixin to repo-collection.js 
  // ****     repo-collection.js      ****
import Colleciton from 'ampersand-rest-collection'
import Repo from './repo'
// ++++ 1. add the mixin
import githubMixin from '../helpers/github-mixin'

// ++++ 2. add githubMixin as a parameter 
// if you add it here it's clear where it's coming from
export default Collection.extend(githubMixin, {
    url: '',
    model: Repo, 
Do the same for me.js (not shown here...)