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Scaffolding tools (e.g. Yeoman)

He likes the idea of scaffolding tools. There's some value, but the boilerplate shouldn't be too complex. You don't always know what you can safely delete from the scaffolding

Worth learning Backbone

Read the Backbone documentation! It's like a reference documentation. Explains all the pieces and concepts very well.

Other tools, "frameworks" people use with React

You can create (start with) just simple javascipt arrays and objects that contain the state. Then add a mutator function, that updates the state and calls render.
Most people use some variation of Flux. Talks about Relay as a framework

Difference between Yeoman and HJS Webpack starter project

The generated code would be a lot more stuff. 

At &Yet React replaced all view layer stuff?


In an agency environment where a lot of times projects get rewritten, which framework would he recommend

&Yet is an agency. This is why Ember doesn't always fit - gives too much, or not targeted at the problem.

View.js, Riot.js - want to be a lighter alternative to React. Virtual DOM on npm - without JSX stuff.

What about ampersand-app?

It's just a singleton. Don't really need to use it. The ​init​ method on it was written during the course

What is an observable object?

Means you can register change handlers. There can be different levels, as sometimes you want to observe a calculated value on an object. Any amount of complexity can be added.
Now there's ​object.observe​ method in Chrome/ES7 which can be very performant, but it might be to general to be useful. It's an old pattern. You have your state to be observable and your view react to that. Apple has the same concept with Cocoa.
If you have a completely separated state and a view layer, you always need something to connect the two.