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Building Modern Web Apps
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libraries React Ampersand Webpack JavaScript
Henrik Joreteg - company: &Yet

Single Page Applications - he prefers the term "Native Web Apps" since we're using native web APIs to build our app.

At the most extreme you could just a single script tag and the javascript builds the app.
Will create a HubTags app to manage github tags. Will use Oauth.

Two modes:
  1. developement mode
  2. production mode - a build script will create all the static files
don't need complicated live build stuff with Node etc.

Flipkart (amazon of India) example: they scaled buy creating all static files and letting the client-side handle
Tools, libraries used:
  • ampersand – based on Backbone, split into individual components, whatsapp using it. He wanted to model and observable collection to handle user events
  • Webpack
  • OAuth
  • back button, browser history support
  • yeticss (lightweight bootstrap) 
  • autoprefixer-stylus - will handle the browser prefixing
Many different components - learn the problem, then pick the abstraction, instead of choosing an "all-in" solution (like ember, angular). He believes in modularity
  • React for the view layer
  • "Isomorphic" render - sending just a <script> tag is not performant, the browser has to download and parse the whole page. Instead we render static sites and let the browser/React take over