React and the Virtual DOM

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Important to note: this is NOT templating

It's runnig to a macro, converts the ​render​ to ​React.createElement​. It can take  another HTML element or React component, and other parameters (content, etc.). So when converted there is no JSX in the code.
You precompile and just send functions to browsers

The hardest part of every app is the view layer.
Subview (in backbone) - hard to manage

React only updates the smallest part of the DOM necessary. You render every time, but React will only update to an attribute level. 

JavaScript is pretty fast if you're not messing with the DOM.

The API is different for working with the Virtual DOM
Event: The event delegation (making it efficient) is done handled by React, you (code author) put the click handler on the element.

He doesn’t like Angular, doesn't think it's a good idea to describe logic in the html, it's a smashing together of concerns.
He prefers that people don't learn an abstraction, but real javascript.
React is only a rendering library. CreateClass method and render method. You create components and efficient rendering