Why Frameworks?

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Code is messy. It's a fact of life. Good to have some conventions, especially when working in a team.

Leverage solved problems (not reinventing the wheel...)

Letting computers do what they are good at.

Get up and running quickly.

Proven techniques (like React - it's in use by millions of users)

Allow for easy collaboration

Why not use a {your} framework

Front-end is a BIG in investment (in developer time, money). Some frameworks are all-in. You are betting on one framework. If one day something doesn't work, you're stuck.

So it's a big risk.

We know that that things will change. This is one thing that we can be ure about...

We have to optimise for change.

I'm more interested in optmizing a person's understanding of problems than their understanding of solutions."

  • Kris Gale (former VPE Yammer)

So the problems we have to solve with native apps:

  1. fetching/storing state
  2. rendering HTML
  3. binding state to DOM
  4. clientside routing
  5. server-side rendering – "white page of death" while the user downloads the whole app (especially on mobile). E.g. walmart replicating a browser on the server to pre-populate the page it's sending
  6. composing views - split up the DOM into elements that you use to compose your final page