1. Api design in Node

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backend JavaScript
a node file is actually in IFEE that receives some global variables (module,exports,dirname...)

exports.setup = function(){}

is equivalent to

module.exports = {
  setup: function(){}

sails.js -> closest to rails
express -> abstracts a lot of networking related stuff

express is more configurable sails or loopback is more about conventions

express takes advantage of node's vented i.o. -> register callbacks when a particular cominbation of http verbs and routes are hit

it's a routing library with middleware. that's all that it does

  • stateless
  • explicit http words (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE)
  • expose directory like url pattern for routes
  • transfer JSON and or XML
1. Always model your data first! (a JSON object)

get: ask for something
post: give something
put: update something
delete: delete something
(CRUD operations)

2. Diagram your routes (resources)
    "GET /lions": {
        "desc": "returns all lions",
        "response": "200 application/json"
    "GET /lions/:id":{
        "desc": "returns one lion represented by its id",