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Collections are ordered set of models

Hello world:
  var Library = Backbone.Collection.extend({
    model: Song

var songCollection = new Library([
        artist: "Death Cab for Cutie",
        title: "Codes & Keys"
        artist: "Noisettes",
        title: "Atticues"

songCollection.models.length; // 2
You can add your custom model, if you don't Backbone will just use a generic Backbone model.

In most cases you don't need to override the model on the collection. you can pass a single model or an array.

Add models to the collection:
  // A
    artist: "Noisettes",
    title: "Cheap Kicks"

// B
    artist: "The Damned",
    title: "Jet Boy Jet Girl"
​.create​ will also post to the restful service.

Polymorphic Models

The ​model​ property can be a function and follow multiple paths:
    model: function() {
            return BookModel;
        } else {
            return NovellaModel;
No typical use case.

The model will also have ​collection​ property that points to the instance of the collection. So you can access the parent collection. caveat: models can belong to multiple collections, but only the first one is lister in the ​collection​ property.


Many of the methods are the same as in underscore (all of them that exist in underscore on arrays).
​var lowBitrateSongs = songCollection.where({quality:poor})

​.where​ is an alias to ​filter

Collection are ordered in the order they are added

But you can do ​library(song_two, {at: 0});​ which will add at the beginning

You can also do ​library.pluck("title")​ which will give back an array of song titles (​["song one", "song two", "song three"]