Node.js Persistence Options - Mongoose

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  • SQL libraries (but not very popular)
  • Postgres (JSON column) has best community support
  • Document based stores are more popular, good fit for JS
  • MongoDB or CouchDB are popular
  • redis - fast for in-memory data storage


works pretty well
MongoDB is interesting for Mongoose, a full-featured, object-oriented interface for a datastore. Can add restrictions, validation, duplicate checking – features that don't exist out of the box
  • Object Document (ODM)
  • Nice hhg level APIs.
  • well documented

Mongoose Concepts: SCHEMA

define the structure of the objects you want to store (MongoDB doesn't enforce any structure on a data)
MongoDB uses document collections insted of data tables
collection => table
document => row

can define properties on the SCHEMA object (what types of data are valid for a given property)
define validations, define fuctions on the datatype (like find etc)

Mongoose Concepts: MODEL

represnetation of a MongoDB document.
use the model to query database, update properties, modify the associated documents
hosted mongodb: MongoHQ and MongLab
recomends MongoHQ - easier to provision and setup