Currying Exercise Hints

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Functional Programming JavaScript

First use a curried ​mutliply​ to create a double function. (​double = multiply(2)​)

Uses the Ramda library.

Show the first example, the ​double​ function:
  var double = _.multiply(2);

console.log( double(13) );
Ramda automatically curries it. 

The first task (out of three) is to split words around spaces. Taking the ​split(' ', 'a b')​ example, but without having to provide the splitter argument (​' '​)

We can just do:
​var words = _.split(' ')​ And now just use ​words('a b')​ for splitting.

Note: if you already have a function that has been curried, you can just give some of the arguments it expects and it will work. 

JavaScript has negative infinity if you need a really low number.  ​-Infinity