Calling the API

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FrontEndMasters Organising Javascript functionality
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JavaScript jQuery libraries
Opens about.grips.html. 
  {$define "#content" }

<div id="content">

	  <!--  ++++ ↴  -->
	  <input type="checkbox" rel="js-local" id="local" checked> <label for="local">Local</label><br>
	  <input type="button" value="gimme" rel="js-gimme" />
		{$partial "#answer" $}


His system is set up that it will automatically try to load a file with same name as the page (about.js) 
Duplicates index.js as about.js.

Uses some conventions e.g. passing ​window​ as ​context​. 
He adds the loading in load.js to load the Foo.js. 

// 2. gimme
	function gimme(evt){
		var $local = $("[rel='js-local']");
    if($":checked")) {
    } else {
      // 3. API call to the server
      // jQuery will automatically parse JSON
        alert("Remote: " + resp.answer);

// 1. add click handler
	function init(){

	function teardown(){}

	Pages.page_scripts["/about"] = {
		init: init,
		teardown: teardown


Needs to restart the server. 
When local checkbox on the page is  unchecked, making an AJAX call, he sees on the Network tab of the dev tools the request being made. 

A great use case for this pattern (sharing modules between server and browser), would be a form submit action. It can either do it by AJAX or by a full page request.