Extending Modules

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use an npm module in the browser - if it uses node libraries 
like events, stream, path, url​  <- these can work in the browser 

UMD module pattern

how to run the same code on server and client and AMD module environment.

you just need to change "YourModuleName
  (function UMD(name,context,definition){
	if (typeof module !== "undefined" && module.exports) { module.exports = definition(); }
	else if (typeof define === "function" && define.amd) { define(definition); }
	else { context[name] = definition(name,context); }
})("YourModuleName",this,function DEF(name,context){

	var publicAPI = { /*..*/ };

	return publicAPI;

checks the environment it runs in 
if Node or Client (browser) or AMD and uses accordingly so your code can run in all three environments

so you can use it instead of the ​module.exports​ pattern