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FrontEndMasters Real-Time Web with Node.js
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JavaScript libraries
Video Course on Real-Time HTML5 with Node.js
his opinion on JavaScript frameworks 
frameworks for production are a silly concept (mynote: probably he refers to frameworks as prototyping tools). they become too quickly a crutch we realy on two heavily.

an analogy for Bootstrap CSS framework - you never use 100% of the framework, it's just used for prototyping, but in the end you take out most of it

frameworks are good to prototype, to figure out the domain - but for production you have to ask how much of the framework you actually use and take out on the unnecessary stuff 
his opinion on jquery
library vs frameworks vs platforms

library is a tool, but is not opinionated, akin to a paper map
some of Backbbone is like a library and some of it is like a framework
a framework is like a GPS, where you type in the address and it will guide you there turn by turn - opinionated (on the best route to go to your destination) (e.g. angular)
a platform is an autonomous vehicle (e.g. rails)