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Video Course on Real-Time HTML5 with Node.js

Node's sweet spot

Kyle's own view on Node.js and where it fits in technologies (the node community as a whole might not agree with him)

Javascript is not right for everything
but JavaScript has brighht future
just because you could doesn't mean you should

what does node do well?

it very efficient at communication (signaling peer-to-peer)
not very good at serving big static files
good at taking advantage of the event loop

before you needed Rhino in the JVM to use javascript on the server

middle end

elaborates the concept of "middle end" (it predates nodejs)

keep the codebase as it is (in php, ruby, java whatever) - not practical to throw out all that

just replace the templating engine - the presentation layer

php is a per-request synchronous  model - each request spins a thread

byte chain ​  he started working on it before nodejs - javascript on the server

there are core tasks that the frontend developer has to do, but is embedded in the server side
  • templating
  • routing
  • formating the data
  • data validation
validation has to be done in several places and can create a lot of complications

these above tasks are very important to frontend developers, while the backend developers hate this

at first just do the data validation rules with nodejs - then you have the same code on the server and client